The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete! (Closing date: Friday 14 June 2019) Survey aim To understand how climate modellers and other climate researchers use satellite-derived climate observations in their work. Survey results The results will inform the development of the 23 Essential Climate Variable (ECV) […]

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Matrix of root-mean-square deviation values
An enhanced version of the Earth System Model evaluation tool (ESMValTool, Eyring et al., 2016) has been developed that exploits a subset of Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) from the European Space Agency’s Climate Change Initiative (ESA CCI) Phase 2. This version of the ESMValTool has been used to demonstrate the […]

Benchmarking CMIP models with ESA CCI data using the ESMValTool

Five-panel plot showing a comparison between various ozone datasets
Forget the typical Numerical Weather Prediction assimilation paradigm: the more the better! If one had to decide between assimilating ozone products retrieved from a typical nadir-BUV (Backscatter UltraViolet) instrument or from an Infrared (IR) limb emission, what would the best choice be? Here the best choice is intended as the […]

Ozone retrieval assimilation: nadir-BUV or IR limb-emission?