Frequently asked questions

Yes please! We welcome contributions from modellers, scientists and anyone else. The CMUG data forum is a community space dedicated to users of CCI data, set up to showcase use of CCI data and to facilitate/encourage collaboration and participation by scientists and data users. To send us your ideas or suggestions, to feed […]

Can I feed back my experience using CCI data?

The data are freely available to scientists and newer versions are becoming available as they are improved over time. A key benefit is the addition of uncertainty information associated with the data which is not available elsewhere.

Do I have to pay for the data?

CMUG provides scientifically evaluated datasets and uncertainty estimates so that they can be used with confidence by the climate modelling community and other user groups. The datasets have been assessed by CMUG partners for the validation of essential climate variables (ECV) in climate models. The evaluation provides quality information to data […]

What is CMUG’s added value?

CMUG is providing an independent assessment of the CCI datasets and providing quality flags where issues are identified. This provides quantitative information on data quality, and improves confidence in their use. The data are promoted to the modelling community to encourage their use and reduce the lead time, sometimes 10-15 […]

How can scientists access and make best use of the ...

Satellite data aren’t always optimally processed and may contain jumps (discontinuities), erroneous data or have other issues. CMUG is re-processing the data to produce datasets useful for climate studies. CMUG is evaluating a set of essential climate variables (ECVs; defined by GCOS) which were identified by climate scientists as key […]

Can you outline some of the benefits of using CCI ...

The CMUG project started in 2010. Phase 1 Period: 2010-2014 Focus: first dataset from the CCI project Phase 2 Period: 2014-2017 Focus: to include additional datasets and to update the results from phase 1. One aspect of this project phase is on assessing the consistencies between essential climate variables (ECV) […]

At what stage are we in the programme?