Why, what, who

Contribute your work!

The forum is a good place to publicise your work and network with other climate modellers and scientists. Contact us if you’d like us to post something on your behalf.

A bit of history

The European Space Agency has established the Climate Modelling User Group (CMUG)

  • to place a climate perspective at the centre of its Climate Change Initiative (CCI) programme, and
  • to provide a dedicated forum through which the Earth observation data community and climate modelling community can work closely together.

Community participation is a unique feature of the CMUG project, and benefits researchers and developers by sharing resources (CMUG’s virtuous circle) and generating innovative ideas and applications.

Roger Saunders, CMUG Chief Scientist (project phases 1 and 2) and the Met Office’s Head of Satellite Applications, introduces the CMUG project

What is this website for?

The CMUG Data Forum is a community space dedicated to users of CCI datasets. It aims to facilitate and encourage collaboration and participation by scientists and data users.

CCI datasets are now accessed via the ESA CCI data portal. This website complements the data portal by publicizing and sharing use of the datasets by the CMUG user community, and by offering a platform to share experience.

We welcome contributions from modellers, scientists and others, with ideas, suggestions and potential applications for the CCI datasets. Contact us!

Climate variables available

CMUG is evaluating a set of essential climate variables (ECVs; defined by GCOS) which were identified by climate scientists as key for climate research.

The ECVs are listed below. Data are available for all ECVs except those highlighted in bold for which data will become available in 2021 only.

  • Marine
    • Sea ice, sea level, sea state, sea surface temperature, sea surface salinity, ocean colour
  • Terrestrial
    • Land cover, high-resolution land coverlakesland surface temperature, soil moisture, fire, biomasspermafrostsnow, glaciers, ice sheets (Greenland and Antarctica)
  • Atmosphere
    • Cloud, aerosol, ozone, greenhouse gases, water vapour
A diagram of the functioning of the virtuous circle for the essential climate variables
The CMUG virtuous circle is the iterative process by which feedback from CMUG scientists on any of the essential climate variables can be used by the CCI data providers to continuously improve data products which then better server the climate modelling community and other user groups.