Assess, visualise and analyse CCI data

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ESMValTool has been used to assess, visualise and analyise CCI data

ESMValTool has been developed by the modelling community to allow routine comparison of single or multiple models, against predecessor versions and/or observations.

The priority is to assess essential climate variables for a range of known systematic biases common to earth modelling systems such as coupled tropical climate variability, monsoons, Southern Ocean processes, continental dry biases and soil hydrology-climate interactions, as well as atmospheric CO2 budgets, tropospheric and stratospheric ozone, and tropospheric aerosols.

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About the author

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Axel Lauer

Axel Lauer, a senior researcher with DLR, is leading the development of data benchmarking using the ESMValTool for the cross-assessment of aerosol, cloud and radiation essential climate variables.